RHCP Clinical Supervisor - Immunisations (Queen Mary's)

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South West London Recruitment Hub

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AFC Band 6

Published Date

21 May 2021, 13:00:00

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About the job

As a Clinical Supervisor for immunisations, the post holder will work as part of a dynamic team in delivering a safe and effective service for the mass delivery of vaccinations for both influenza (flu) and the COVID-19 vaccine(s). The post holder will undertake a clinical supervisory role, overseeing a team of Immunisers.


In particular, the post holder will be responsible for: 

• Delivery of a safe immunisation service, assisting to influence and facilitate change within the setting and service areas. 

• Conducting clinical assessments of patients prior to vaccination 

• Supporting the reviews of complex medical histories and potential adverse reactions and offering specialist advice as needed. 

• The supervision of the configuration of the vaccination pod and vaccination station within the mass vaccination delivery model. 

• The clinical supervision of safe vaccination delivery. 

• The supervision of drawing up and preparation of the vaccine prior to administration and ensuring that each activity is recorded. 

• Ensuring the best possible clinical outcomes by using up-to-date skills

Responsibilities for direct/indirect patient care

• Responsible for clinical supervision of a team of immunisers.

• Responsible for providing highly specialist advice and technical

services in relation to the care of patients

• Required to work with minimal supervision

• Plan, advise, recommend and evaluate treatment when necessary

• Handle difficult conversations (sensitive, language barriers, hostile atmosphere) and convert complex technical information into easily to understand communication

Responsibilities for policy and service development implementation

• Observe infection control procedures

• Adheres to Professional Code of conduct, and maintains own

professional development ensuring fit for practice

• Ensures that all NHS statutory & mandatory training is kept up to date.

Attends all mandatory training as needed. This includes Basic Life Support, Anaphylaxis and Immunisation training.

• Follow local and national policy making comments on proposals for change

• Act as a mentor or respond to any escalations or queries from more junior staff.

• Support staff in the provision of care including training in the use of site protocols for implementing safe delivery of the service.

Responsibilities for financial and physical resources

• Responsible for the safe and effective use of equipment and other

resources, ensuring equipment is maintained in good working order

• Ensure vaccine, stationery and health promotion resources are

ordered and monitored appropriately

• Corporate responsibility for the financial resources and physical assets Role specific 

• Assist with the overall coordination of the pod activity and day to day delivery of the vaccinations, ensuring clinic rooms and equipment within own area are prepared and sufficient stock of clinic supplies are available. 

• Supervise the pre-vaccination clinical assessments to confirm the correct vaccination, the consent agreements and consult on the provision of specialist advice on contra indications 

• Ensure post vaccination information is given to the patients. 

• Address any concerns that may arise regarding the vaccine and contra-indications including triggering any clinical escalation that maybe required, first to the nursing manager and then to the medical director as appropriate. 

• Supervise the review of patients’ medical history and address any potential adverse reaction risks; provide patients with information on what to do in the event of adverse reactions. 

• Supervise the configuration of the vaccination pod: a) Confirmation and recording of pod setup (in terms of layout and equipment) b) Confirmation and recording of required vaccine stocks, PPE and vaccine delivery consumables c) Confirmation of availability for sanitisation materials and waste/clinical waste receptacles 

• Supervise the configuration of the vaccine station (as per the Green Book): vaccine, vaccine batch numbers recorded, staff member administrating vaccination, date and site confirmation

• Supervise and coordinate the vaccine preparation (drawing-up, ensuring correct storage and providing injections to the vaccination station) 

• Supervise vaccination delivery (oversee paperwork and vaccine confirmation activity, ensure national guidelines are respected regarding PPE, clinical and non-clinical waste, sanitisation)

of the vaccination site Responsibilities for human resources (including training) 

• Improve and maintain personal and professional development by participating in in-house forums, clinical meetings and clinical supervision and support the development of others by acting as a mentor and role model 

• Attend statutory and mandatory training in compliance with national requirements 

• Understand current and emerging factors related to workplace health and the issues facing those working to deliver health services to the UK population 

• Have an awareness of policies and procedures that affect the management of staff 

• Involved in the induction and supervision of new and existing staff, and clinical supervisor to named staff within the team. 

• Mentors other staff frequently Responsibilities for information resources (including systems access) 

• Effectively use IT support systems to enhance direct and indirect care delivery 

• Use of an electronic patient record system 

• Submit accurate and timely activity data as required Freedom to act 

• To make judgements and decisions within the confines of own professional code of conduct boundaries and within national and trust guidelines/policies for self and report to the Vaccination Site Managers. 

• Interpret overall health service policy and strategy 

• Act with minimal guidelines and set goals and standards for others Physical effort 

• Supervise the vaccinators and HC Assistants in the delivery of vaccinations 

• Exchange PPE equipment if the individual has come into contact with a patient when overseeing the vaccination process

• Work with patients and families in all stages of the care planning process including assessing risks and needs 

• Work in partnership with patients and carers, gaining consent, and treating all with reassurance, empathy, professionalism and handling difficult conversations 

• Coordinate the infection control and waste disposal, ensuring that all activities are adhered to the highest health & safety standards Behaviour / Ways of working / Work approach 

• Manage and prioritise own workload 

• Work as an effective team member, demonstrate good personal communication skills and actively promote excellent team and interdisciplinary relationships 

• Demonstrate appropriate assertiveness and ability to challenge others when the rights of patients and others may be infringed 

• Display good analytical ability and sound decision making in changing clinical situations. Develop insight into evidence underpinning care 

• Demonstrate ability to assess, plan, implement and evaluate the needs of patients 

• Demonstrate concise, accurate, timely record keeping and ensure that all work carried out is recorded accurately 

• Be a confident and competent computer user with good IT skills and experience of using applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel 

• Provide skilled, evidence-based care which adheres to agreed policies and procedures Patient Safety and Clinical Governance

• Use clinical judgement and risk assessments to keep the patients as safe as possible 

• Follow the centre and national policies including Patient Group Directions (PGD’s) and national protocols or standard operating procedures (SOPs) are followed. These include SOPs on the safe storage, administration and disposal of the vaccine. 

• Assist in the monitoring and maintenance of the health, safety and security

• Manual handling of equipment (e.g. records, vaccination equipment) 

• Frequent requirement to exert moderate physical effort (walking, standing up) 

• Sit moderate periods in the office when using visual Display Units / writing records / correspondence 

• Lift and carry patient records and equipment daily Mental effort 

• Frequent requirement for intense concentration (supervisory responsibility, drawing-up, patient assessment and observation)

• Work pattern altering to meet service need and prioritising work issues accordingly with changes faced Emotional effort 

• Occasional need to cope with difficult emotional situations 

• Occasional exposure to aggressive patients and family members of self and others in work area. 

• Assist in the identification and assessment risks in work activities. 

• Practise in accordance with the professional, ethical and legal codes of the site and its protocols and guidelines 

• Work with team to maintain high standards of infection control in the clinical area and a well-maintained department environment 

• Actively promote diversity and sustain relationships that promote dignity, rights and responsibilities. Identify and take action to address discrimination and oppression 

• Ensure that the practice complies with Data Protection/ Confidentiality/ Caldicott principles in addition to Statutory and Regulatory guidelines of the Professional Bodies (NMC, GPhC, HCPC and others) 

• Safeguard people by recognising and responding when an adult or child might be at risk from abuse but also recognising their own limits and asking for help and escalate concerns when necessary 

• Reflect on everyday practice to identify areas where improvements in safety or quality can be made 

• Maintain compliance with staff mandatory training requirements