Seasonal Flu and Pandemic Immuniser - Bank

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South West London Recruitment Hub

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AFC Band 4

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About the job

This role forms an integral part of mass vaccination delivery within South West London. The programme will deliver Covid Vaccinations to the south west London population via a number of vaccination hubs.

The seasonal flu and pandemic immuniser will work as part of a dynamic team in delivering a safe and effective service for the mass delivery of vaccinations for both influenza and the COVID-19 vaccine(s). The post holder will be responsible for administering the vaccine to citizens within a team of staff working in a pod structure as part of the mass vaccination delivery model.

In particular the post holder will be responsible for:

• Configuration of their vaccination station
• Administration of the vaccine using the National Protocol.
• Disposal of clinical waste and change of PPE as per national guidelines
• Adherence to infection control practices between individuals.

Key accountabilities

Responsibilities for patient care:

• Administration of the vaccine to already consented and assessed individuals
• Assess the patient’s readiness for vaccination
• Address any concerns and ensure consent and clinical assessment has already taken place
• Ensure correct syringes and needles used
• Ensure that vaccine batch numbers are recorded under the correct patient
• Disposal of syringes and sharps as per the clinical waste policy
• Take on accountability for administration of the vaccine under the national protocol, once drawn up and clinical assessment carried out.

Responsibilities for policy and service development implementation

• Responsible for policy implementation
• Follows local and national policies.

Responsibilities for financial and physical resources

• Responsible for the safe and effective use of equipment and other resources, ensuring equipment is maintained in good working order
• Ensure vaccine, stationery and health promotion resources are monitored appropriatel.

Responsibilities for human resources (including training)

• Undertake mandatory and clinical training and any other training relevant to the role as required
• Participate in clinical and other audits as required
• Participate in relevant emergency preparedness process for their team
• Demonstrate own activities to others when necessary
• Understand current and emerging factors related to workplace health and the issues facing those working to deliver health services to the UK population.

Responsibilities for information resources (including systems access)

• Effectively use IT support systems to enhance direct and indirect care delivery
• Use of an electronic patient record system
• Submit accurate and timely activity data as required.

Freedom to Act

• Accountable for own professional actions, but guided and supervised by the Vaccination Supervisor
• Works within Patient Group Directions or National protocol.
• Escalates queries or problems outside own area of competence to registered healthcare professionals or clinical supervisor.

Physical effort

• Manual handling of equipment (e.g. records, vaccination equipment)
• Standing up whilst delivering vaccination (most of the working hours)
• Sitting moderate periods when using Visual Display Units / writing records / correspondence
• Lifting and carrying of patient records and equipment daily.

Mental effort

• Frequent concentration to complete vaccination, client assessment and observation
• Work pattern altering to meet service need and prioritising work issues accordingly with changes faced.

Emotional effort

• Occasionally needs to cope with difficult emotional situations
• Occasional exposure to aggressive patients and family members
General / Role Specific
• Undertake both routine and specially identified tasks for which the post holder has been trained and assessed as competent.
• Ensure proper disposal of clinical waste and change of PPE as per local and national guidelines
• Confirm the identity of the patient and the agreement of undertaking vaccination, addressing any concerns
• Ensure that the vaccination is conducted in line with the patient’s condition (encourage standing position or provide seating option if necessary)
• Administer vaccines into the patient’s deltoid in accordance with training and local and national policies, procedures and standards
• Ensure that citizens are directed to the post vaccination observation area outside of the pod.
• Once the vaccination is delivered, dispose clinical and non-clinical waste in bins provided at the station and ensure surfaces are wiped down.
• Wear adequate PPE equipment in line with current national guidelines.
• Be able to respond to and make judgements on complications or emergency situations, such as anaphylaxis
• Respond to queries appropriately and liaise where necessary to gain further advice or information.

Behaviour / Ways of working / Work approach

• Manage and prioritise own workload
• Work as an effective team member, demonstrate good personal communication skills and actively promote excellent team and interdisciplinary relationships
• Demonstrate appropriate assertiveness and ability to challenge others when the rights of clients and others may be infringed
• Demonstrate ability to assess, plan, implement and evaluate the needs of patients
• Demonstrate concise, accurate, timely record keeping and ensure that all work carried out is recorded accurately.

Clinical Governance

• Assist in the monitoring and maintenance of the health, safety and security of self and others in work area.
• Assist in the identification and assessment risks in work activities
• Observe and maintain strict confidentiality with regards to any patient/family/staff/records and information in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act
• Practise within the national protocols, training and levels of competence.
• Adhere to all centre policies, procedures and processes
• Work with team to maintain high standards of cleanliness in the clinical area and a well-maintained department environment.



Educated to NVQ 3 level in a relevant subject or equivalent level of qualification and short courses or significant equivalent previous proven experience.

First aid training

Experience in giving injections or immunisations previously

Knowledge and experience

Commitment and willingness to undertake learning and development courses as required to ensure competency for role, this will include vaccine training, administration training, basic life support and NHS statutory and mandatory training.

Understanding of Confidentiality and Data Protection Act.

Skills Capabilities and Attributes

Good communication skills.

Communicates complex condition related   information to patients, requiring empathy and reassurance

Ability to work as part of a team and   actively participate in team meetings.

Able to maintain and record accurate   documentation of interactions between clients, colleagues and other agencies   in the appropriate legal records.

Able to demonstrate professional   conduct, preserve client’s rights including confidentiality and promote   mutual respect amongst colleagues.

Analytical and judgment skills

• Able   to make decisions appropriate to role, level of knowledge and competence,   using professional judgement; some of which will require analysis

• Work   according to protocols under clinical supervision.

Planning and organisational skills

• Able   to work flexibly and respond to changing demands in workload

• Able   to prioritise own work and support the team daily

• Delivers   vaccination sessions and health promotion as needed.

Physical skills

• Standard keyboard skills and IT literacy.

Values and behaviours

  • Commitment to and focused on quality, promotes high standards in all they do

  • Able to make a connection between their work and the benefit to patients and the public

  • Consistently thinks about how their work can help and support clinicians and frontline staff deliver better outcomes for patients

  • Values diversity and difference operates with integrity and openness

  • Works well with others, is positive and helpful, listens, involves, respects and learns from the contribution of others

  • Consistently looks to improve what they do, looks for successful tried and tested ways of working, and also seeks out innovation.


  • An ability to maintain confidentiality and trust and an awareness of information governance requirements and data protection.


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