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SWL Recruitment Hub – July Update


The South West London (SWL) Recruitment Hub has been live now since October 2020, after some key challenges we are now moving out of Transition and into Business as Usual.

During Transition we have also managed some large recruitment campaigns across the sector including:

Healthcare Support Worker Programme – This was a National campaign and in South West London we have made 344 appointments. Once all recruits are in post this will mean Croydon Health will have a 0% vacancy rate in their in patient areas for this staff group.

We have commenced our New Qualified Nursing Programme across SWL within online webinars, where applicants can find out more about working in SWL. We have made 55 NQN offers to date and counting!

We are working with all 4 Trusts as part of the Capital Nurse Pan London Consortium to recruit nurses form overseas. To date we have made 205 offers with 53 nurses already having arrived to start work across SWL.

The Recruitment Hub was in a key position to support with recruiting to the SWL Vaccination centres across the sector. To date we have recruited over 1200 staff to support with vaccinating residents across South West London. Recruitment for Registered Band 5s and 6s continue supported with a social media campaign.

We are commencing work with a number of a local communities, Step into work, Workmatch, and local job centres, Councils and the Ministry of Defence, to support the large number of unemployed within the local areas and we will keep you all updated on the Widening Participation work we are doing around this.

We have had a few changes within the team over the last few months, and will ensure all Trusts are aware of their new contacts with regular updates to our contact lists.

In the short period the Recruitment Hub has been live, we have many successes that would have only been possible as a collaborative service, we are building on all of these successes to ensure South West London is the sector of choice for candidates looking to work in the NHS.

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