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Working for us

What's it like to work for the NHS in South West London?

A play specialist in a green polo shirt and mask behind multicolored airbaloon wallpaper

If you’re actively looking for a new job, or just considering a change,you can find a career that’s the right fit for you with the NHS in South West London.

Whether you’re joining one of our clinical teams on the frontline, our admin teams in the offices, our estates and facilities teams on site or our teams out in the community, you will have the opportunity to work at either Croydon, Epsom and St Helier, Kingston or St George’s.

No matter where you work, all staff members will have an important role to play in the provision of healthcare and help to support the health of the public.

We are at the cutting edge of NHS collaboration in South West London, being the first in the country to start sharing parts of our

workforce across our hospitals. So this is your chance to get involved with an exciting and innovative new way of working for the NHS.

You will be joining a diverse and multicultural workforce and will be able to meet and work with people from all different walks of life in an environment where no two days are the same.

South West London is also a fantastic location to work in. Here you can enjoy the best of both worlds, being close to the exciting hustle and bustle of the city, but also near loads of green spaces and beautiful county towns to explore and enjoy.

Not only this, but by being a part of the NHS workforce in South West London, you’ll have access to a huge range of benefits; such as pension plans, exclusive retail discounts, professional development support and a whole lot more!

Your career, your future, choose the NHS in South West London.

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