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With more than 10,000 qualified nurses caring for patients across south west London, it’s one of the biggest workforces, with the widest variety of roles to develop and grow your nursing career. 


Please take a look below at how some of our nurses have discovered the ideal jobs for them in our five very different NHS trusts. From Deputy Chief Nurses, to highly specialist clinical roles, those choosing south west London to start their careers as Newly Qualified Nurses, and nurses who have moved to south west London to develop their careers in the NHS. 

Hear their stories, and discover the support, education and development opportunities, welcoming and inspiring teams and colleagues - and rewarding, clinically interesting patient-centre environments, that have inspired them. 

Berenice Constable, Deputy Chief Nurse, Kingston 

Niamh Reynolds, Ward Manager, General Medicine, St George’s 

Jaime Eggleton, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Paediatrics Emergency Department, Kingston 

Grace Kurkjian, Band 5 RN, Care of the Elderly, Kingston 

Mabel Wabutomize, Band 5 RN, Senior Health, St George’s 

Jan Idowa, Band 5 RN, Senior Health, St George’s 

Gerlie Rodrigo, Band 5 Staff Nurse, Kingston 

Various St George’s nurses talk about working at the Trust 

Newly-Qualified Nurses talk about starting their career at St George’s:

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