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Brand new State-of-the-Art Facilities

Gain experience in our brand new, state-of-the-art intensive care unit, featuring modern facilities, Omnicell medication storage, and a dedicated conference room for learning.

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Our Opportunities

We have exciting opportunities available for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians across our department. Keep scrolling to find out more or click here to view our live vacancies.



Bespoke Training

We're committed to shaping you into a well-rounded pharmacist by investing heavily in your clinical training. This includes: weekly tutorials led by area specialists, realistic simulation exercises, regional Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) to gauge your skills, unique shadowing opportunities to observe surgeons firsthand, personalised action plans catering to your individual learning style, and valuable cross-sector experience working within a GP practice and the wider community.

Career Progression

Our high retention rates are evidence of the high- quality training and supportive culture we promote.

Trainee Pharmacists

Aspiring pharmacist? Croydon offers a tailored training program, a supportive and encouraging environment, and a clear path for career advancement. Read below to find out more.

Supportive + Nurturing Culture

An inclusive and diverse team where there is no sense of hierarchy and a personalised level of support is offered from the department and your: - Designated supervisor - Designated prescribing practitioner - Rotational lead - Education and Training Mentor

Multidisciplinary Team Working

Our diverse teams are known for their approachability and inclusive atmosphere. Learn from nationally recognised specialists, and experience the strong working relationships within Croydon.


The annual rota is structured to give you sufficient experience in each of the key areas of hospital pharmacy; Cardiology, Endocrinology, Renal, Respiratory, Surgery, Admissions, Medicines Information, Aseptics and Dispensary. You will also gain experience with our partner GP practice and community pharmacy.

Band 6 Pharmacists

Begin your career as a clinical pharmacist on our Band 6 to 7 Rotational programme.

You'll work across rotations such as Elderly Care, Stroke, Surgery, Medicine (Respiratory, Gastro, Cardiology), Acute medicine (AMU, ED) and more!

We welcome both trainee and qualified pharmacists to this programme. 


Band 7 Pharmacists

The program features a rotational structure where you'll gain experience in various areas over a nine-month period.


These rotations include: medicines information, high-cost drugs, antimicrobials, surgery & critical care, cardiology, gastroenterology, AMU (acute medical unit), ED (emergency department), and technical services.


In addition to these rotations, there will also be fixed roles within the program that will provide you with a solid foundation in core pharmacy practices.

Band 8 Pharmacists

Our band 8 pharmacists are our lead directorates. They strategise our pharmacy vision, drive innovation, and support our pharmacists in providing the best patient-care.

Directorates include Technical Services, Digital Medicines Management, Cardiology and Respiratory, Gastroenterology and Diabetes Medicines, Critical Care and Surgery, Women and Children, Medicines Information and High Cost Drugs, HIV, Antimicrobials, Acute Medicine + Emergency Department, and Medicines Safety and Governance



Band 6

Band 7

£40,701 to £48,054

£49,178 to £55,492

Rotation length

4 months

9 months

Rotation specialities

Medical Admissions, Respiratory,Cardiology,Gastro, Elderly Care, Stroke, General Surgery, Orthogeriatrics, Patient Services, Medicines Information. Additional Band 7 rotations-Paediatrics NNU and Maternity, Biologics, Adult TPN, Haemato-oncology ITU, Antimicrobials

Medicines information + high cost drugs, antimicrobials, surgery + critical care, cardiology, gastroenterology, AMU, ED, Technical services) + fixed roles 

Band 6 to 7 progression



Diploma funding



Preferred funding

On-call location

On-call frequency

Senior on-call support

Six day working

Late duty


From home

1 in 6 (3 days over 12 weeks)


1 in 6

Yes - typically until 6:15pm (2 per month)


From home

1 in 6 (3 days over 12 weeks)


1 in 6

Yes - typically until 6:15pm (2 per month)

Late duty remuneration

Cross-site working

Lieu time

Yes - rotation at partner GP practice + with the integrated care network

Lieu time


Independent Prescribing supported



Support Structure

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Pharmacy Technicians

Starting at Band 4, you'll build your skills through our comprehensive internal training plan. This equips you with the knowledge and confidence to take on leadership roles, line management responsibilities, and supervisory positions as you progress through your career.


As you advance from Band 5 to Band 6, your focus shifts towards managerial work. Finally, Band 7 technicians act as strategic leads, developing their areas of expertise and guiding the growth of their teams in line with departmental goals.

All technicians work 1 in 9 late duties, 1 in 5 Saturdays and Sundays are optional. Flexible working is supported.

Band 4

Band 5

Band 6

Band 7

Fixed in Areas


- Medicines Management Service (MMS)

- Dispensary

Fixed in Areas


- Medicines Management Service (MMS)


- Dispensary

Specialist in different areas



- Dispensary

- Education + training


- Medicines information


- Stores + distribution


- Homecare


Managerial responsibilities

Strategic leads for Areas 

All have an internal training plan with 8 weekly reviews

Developing internal training plan

Individualised training as per personal development plan

Individualised training as per personal development plan

Opportunities include: Line management, educational supervision, personal supervision

Opportunities include: accuracy checking, encourage courses for leadership and development courses: individualised in PDRs, audits, service evaluations

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Pre-registration Pharmacy Technicians

Are you interested in launching a career in becoming a Pharmacy Technician?


We offer pre-reg training with a 24 month fixed term training contract with Buttercups Training and Skills for Pharmacy.

Upon successful completion of the program and registration, you'll be eligible to apply for open Pharmacy Technician positions within the Trust.

This program equips you with the knowledge and skills to become a qualified Pharmacy Technician while offering a competitive salary and a supportive learning environment.



Band 4: £29,460 to £31,909

70% of top of B4 in year 1 then 75% in year 2

Study days/ protected time


Support structure

  • Allocated Education Supervisor (line manager) to oversee holistic progression through the course, support with health and wellbeing.


  • Practice Supervisor (day-to-day supervision of training) to provide training support in specialised area + oversee day-to-day practice.

  • Education Programme Director who will ensure you have a comprehensive training plan across various areas like dispensary, medicines management services (MMS), with exposure to mental health (MI) and prescribing optimisation services (POSD).

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Ready to get to stuck in?

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“Coming from a community background, I started my career in hospital pharmacy as a band 6 at Croydon. The continuous culture of learning and the nurturing environment has allowed me to develop my clinical acumen and progress into a band 7 specialist education and training role. Working at Croydon offers opportunities for growth and the strong-working relationships within pharmacy and the wider MDT makes you feel valued and recognised for your work”.

Annum Abbas, Specialist Education and Training Pharmacist
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Annum Abbas, Specialist Education and Training Pharmacist
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