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One application,
multiple opportunities

Submit 1 application and attend 1 interview to secure a Band 6 to 7 Rotational Clinical position at Croydon, Epsom & St Helier OR Kingston Hospitals. This means you have 3 job opportunities with just a single application.

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Become a Band 6 to 7 Rotational Clinical Pharmacist
at Croydon, Epsom & St Helier, and Kingston Hospitals 

Start your career in hospital pharmacy with an unparalleled opportunity across Croydon, Epsom & St Helier OR Kingston Hospitals. We've streamlined the job search process to make it convenient and stress-free.

Salary: £40,701 to £48,054

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What does a
Band 6 to 7 Rotational Clinical Pharmacist do? 

As a Rotational Clinical Pharmacist, at Croydon, Epsom & St Helier, and Kingston hospitals you'll rotate across a range of specialised areas like cardiology, paediatrics, surgery, and more. You'll play a crucial role in optimising patient care, ensuring the safe and effective use of medicines, and so much more.

Deliver High-Quality Patient Care

As part of this role, you will play an integral role in providing high-quality patient care within a dynamic ward-based environment. You will meticulously review patient charts and make key clinical decisions to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care.

Collaborate closely with the multidisciplinary team

You'll work closely alongside the multidisciplinary team (doctors, nurses, consultants, dietitians, physiotherapists etc), to optimise medication therapies; ensuring our patients receive the best care possible.

Enhance Patient Understanding, Compliance & Care Continuity

A significant part of your day involves educating patients about their medications, enhancing their understanding and compliance. You'll also play a crucial role in managing To Take Out (TTO) prescriptions, contributing effectively to patient flow and care continuity.

Varied clinical rotations

Gain comprehensive experience across diverse specialties, including cardiology, surgical, and women's services.

The Comparisons Between
Band 6 to 7 Rotational Pharmacist Roles
at Croydon, Epsom and St Helier and Kingston Hospitals





£40,701 to £48,054

£40,701 to £48,054

Rotation length

4 months

4 months

£40,701 to £48,054

4 months

Rotation specialities

Medical admissions, Women Health, Paediatrics, Stroke, Medicines Information, Patient Services, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Respiratory, Surgery, SWLEOC

Elderly Care, Stroke, Surgery, Medicine (Respiratory, Gastro, Cardiology), Acute medicine (AMU, ED), Medicines information, Technical services/aseptics, Paediatrics and Maternity, GP rotation

Medical Admissions, Respiratory,Cardiology,Gastro, Elderly Care, Stroke, General Surgery, Orthogeriatrics, Patient Services, Medicines Information. Additional Band 7 rotations-Paediatrics NNU and Maternity, Biologics, Adult TPN, Haemato-oncology ITU, Antimicrobials

Band 6 to 7 progression




Diploma funding




Preferred funding




On-call location

From home

On-call frequency

1 day in 10

From home

From home

1 in 12

1 in 6 (3 days over 12 weeks)

Senior on-call support




Seven day working

1 day every 4.5 weeks

Late duty

Yes, typically lasts up to one hour

1 in 6

Yes, typically lasts up to one hour (1 in 12)

1 in 6

Yes until 6pm (2 per month)

Late duty remuneration

Lieu time or pay

Lieu time 

Lieu time

Cross-site working

Yes - two sites; St Helier Hospital and Epsom General Hospital

Yes - CHS and local GP rotation

Yes - Band 6 rotation to Teddington Memorial Hospital (elderly rehab)

Independent Prescribing supported




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What's it like to work at Croydon, Epsom & St Helier or Kingston Hospitals?

Working at
Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals

When you join ESTH you’ll be welcomed by our very friendly and supportive team who will support throughout your career.


Our status as an Acute Trust ensures you'll be exposed to a diverse range of medical conditions, allowing our pharmacists to develop a breadth of clinical expertise. Additionally, we're home to the South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre, and our dedicated paediatric hospital at St Helier provides a valuable opportunity to work with a diverse patient population and encounter an extensive array of medical conditions.

Career progression opportunities: 

Pursue your professional aspirations with a multitude of specialised roles in our department at 8A and above. Explore opportunities in pediatrics, antimicrobial resistance, education and training, critical care, renal medicine, and medical supplies.

Expand your clinical knowledge:

As one of South West London's largest teaching hospitals, we offer a unique opportunity to learn from clinicians, consultants and more expanding your clinical knowledge .

Independent Prescribing Qualification:

Enhance your skills and advance your career by taking advantage of our comprehensive support for independent prescribing qualification.

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Annum,  Band 7 Specialist Education & Training Pharmacist CHS

“Coming from a community background, I started my career in hospital pharmacy as a band 6 at Croydon. The continuous culture of learning and the nurturing environment has allowed me to develop my clinical acumen and progress into a band 7 specialist education and training role. Working at Croydon offers opportunities for growth and the strong-working relationships within pharmacy and the wider MDT makes you feel valued and recognised for your work”.

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Band 6 Rotational Pharmacists, ESTH

"We stayed on as band 6 pharmacists because of the great support from our team, both as trainees and now as qualified pharmacists. Having a supportive team really makes our day better. We're thankful for the regular teaching from our colleagues that helps us grow, and it's great to know we can always turn to senior staff for any extra support we need."

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Eloise, Band 6 KHFT

"I joined the rotational program at Kingston 3 months ago, and I'm really enjoying it! Since I've joined, the team has been nothing but friendly and supportive. I am currently doing my first rotation on the Acute Assessment Unit, and the medical conditions I've been exposed to have really enhanced my clinical knowledge."

Workig for us
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Your career as a Band 6 Rotational Clinical Pharmacist at Croydon Health Services, Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals, OR Kingston Hospital starts here.

One application,
multiple opportunities
Frequently asked questions

Can I choose my preferred Trust?

Absolutely!  During your application there will an opportunity for to rank your preference. 

What is the application process?

You'll submit your application on Trac just like you would normally. Following a  review of your application, we'll invite you for an interview to assess your skills, experience, and suitability for the role.

How soon can I start after my GPhC registration?

You'll be able to start within days! After your interview we'll begin your clearances and checks, so that you can start as soon as we allocate you to a post. 

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